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east coast development

2 gold street

one columbus place

one columbus place

west end towers

west end towers

chelsea enclave

If you live in one of these apartment buildings check out your very own apple seeds play room. And... look out for discounts and benefits that can be used at one of apple seeds NYC locations.


want an apple seeds playground in your building?




Chelsea Enclave
177 Ninth Ave.
NY, NY 10011

One Columbus Place
NY, NY 10019

West End Towers
55-75 West End Ave.
NY, NY 10023

2 Gold St.
NY, NY 10038

East Coast Development
4545 Center Blvd.
Long Island City, NY 11109





from our partners...

apple seeds playrooms have been a great addition to our buildings. They are creative play spaces that are kept meticulously clean, which is a departure from typical playrooms that have old toys and are rarely cleaned. Tenants have told us that the apple seeds playrooms have been one of the major decisive factors in choosing our buildings. 

Dean Amro - Brodsky Organization



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